Matrix fertilizer blending plant is located along Kaduna Zaria Road on a 3 Hectare size industrial complex and over 30 Hectares for the purpose of research and demonstration farms.



Our blending plant is equipped with world-class industrial fertilizer blending equipment manufactured by a leading Fertilizer and Agricultural Processing Equipment Manufacturer in the United States of America. The blending plant also has high capacity class III Drive Systems that can handle high tonnage blending requirements and long operational hours.

Our facilities comprise of the following:


Blending Line

  • Automated Blending System based on weight declining mechanism
  • Hoppers that make the addition of micronutrient and colour coating possible
  • Liquid impregnation system

Bagging Line

  • Automated Industrial bagging line
  • Loading conveyors that can load two trucks at the same time at a fast rate

Operating and Monitoring System

A system that allows blending mix to be inputted and controlled from a computer display unit. The system monitors the flow rate and ensures the fertilizer blending mix is accurate.

Our Numbers



We currently have two blending lines designed to blend and bag at a rate of about 240 Tonne per Hour. This implies that annually we have capacity to produce over 1,500,000 Tonnes (30 Million 50kg Bags) of NPK if we are producing at full capacity.


We understand very well that the fertilizer business is logistic and storage-intensive. Our factory building is equipped with warehouses with a combined storage capacity of over 75,000 Tonnes. Our Industrial complex can also accommodate and park comfortably more than 100 trailer trucks coming to either load finished products or offload raw materials. To make distribution easy, we currently have over 50 Trailer Trucks for the purpose of moving raw materials to the factory and distribution of our NPK fertilizer products.


Inside our factory is a standard laboratory for the purpose of quality assurance and research towards product development and improvement.